Taxpayer Impact for Fiscal Year 2016

Travis County Healthcare District offers a 20% homestead exemption, the maximum allowed by law. The average Travis County Healthcare District taxable homestead value increased 9.37% from $240,026 last year to $262,520 this year. The proposed tax rate of 11.7781 cents per $100 of taxable value results in a $5.80 increase in the County Healthcare District property taxes for the average taxable homestead for FY 2016 compared to the FY 2015 property tax bill. The estimated FY 2016 County Healthcare property taxes for other valued homesteads shown below as examples are based on assessed values appreciating 10% from the previous year because that is the maximum allowed in Texas for properties with a homestead exemption. The actual impact for FY 2016 for each property will vary depending on the taxable value, types of exemptions and appreciation.

Assessed ValueTaxable ValueProperty Texas
Values as of January 1, 2014Reduced by Homestead ExemptionTaxable Value x Adopted Rate of 0.1264 per $100
$300,032 Avg HS$240,026 Avg HS$303.40 Avg HS

Proposed RateChange from Prior YearEffective Tax RateRollback Tax Rate
Taxes at Proposed Rate of 0.117781 per $100FY 2016 Proposed Taxes Less FY 2015 (maximum impact)Taxes at Effective Rate of 0.112735 per $100Taxes at Rollback Rate of 0.121692 per $100
$309.20 Avg HS$5.80 Avg HS$295.95 Avg HS$319.47 Avg HS


Tax Rate – FY 2016 Travis County Healthcare District Tax Rate is 4.5% above the Effective Tax Rate (ETR) .

Effective Tax Rate (ETR) – A calculated rate that would provide the taxing unit with approximately the same amount of revenue it received in the previous year on properties taxed in both years. This tax rate calculation does not include the impact of additional tax revenue resulting from new construction.

Rollback Tax Rate – Tax rate level that allows the taxing jurisdiction to collect 8% more taxes, not including debt repayment, than the previous year. This is the maximum tax increase allowed by law without triggering an election to “rollback” the tax rate.

Download a PDF of this statement – FINAL TaxPayerImpactStatementFY2016 for TCHD