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From innovative prevention and wellness programs to strategic collaborations, Central Health partners with world-class organizations to offer a full range of programs and services that help Travis County residents live their healthiest lives.

Health care for all.

Fulfilling our mission would not be possible without cooperation and collaboration of our many community partners.

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Central Health Performance Review

Download the Performance Review conducted by Germane Solutions, evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, and making recommendations about opportunities for performance improvement.

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2017 Central Health Demographic Report

The 2017 Central Health Demographic Report is a tool designed to assist all governmental, non-profit, and private entities serving Travis County’s safety net population.

The Demographic Report provides detailed analysis of Travis County’s populations, with particular focus on those living at or below the federal poverty level. In addition, the report provides five-year projections of where and how the county’s population is expected to change. Details include census tract-level analysis of:

  • Race/ethnicity
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Families in poverty
  • Health care providers
  • Availability of public transportation
  • Households without vehicles
  • Availability of subsidized public housing

The Demographic Report also provides analysis of where the patients served by Central Health reside, and where they are receiving care. Combined, this data enables a broad understanding of the many needs experienced by low-income residents, from health care to housing to transportation and more.

Highlights of the Demographic Report include:


Patients receiving care funded by Central Health


Percent of Central Health patients identified as Hispanic/Latino


Percent of Central Health patients between ages of 19-64


Percent of Central Health patients who are female

Income threshold for an individual considered living in poverty

Income threshold for a family of four considered living in poverty

Travis County residents living below the poverty level

Travis County families living below the poverty level

Central Health patients living below the poverty level

  • In 2022, Pflugerville is projected to have Travis County’s highest concentration of African-American and Asian residents, and the second-highest concentration of Hispanic/Latino residents
  • In the areas projected to contain the highest concentrations of poverty, Hispanic/Latino residents will represent 59 percent of the population
  • In the areas projected to contain the highest concentrations of poverty, the rate of children under age 18 is projected to be 6 percent higher than the county’s overall rate
  • There are presently just 660 subsidized public housing units reserved for the more than 33,000 Travis County families living below the poverty level

Watch the Travis County Commissioners Court Presentation

Watch the overview video with JP Eichmiller

Eastern Travis County Health Services Expansion Plan

Central Health and a coalition of community partners announced in August, 2017 plans to increase health care access in Eastern Travis County through a series of short and long-term initiatives over the next several years.

Central Health convened a multidisciplinary team of community-based health care and service providers representing more than a dozen organizations. Called the Eastern Travis County Health and Wellness Collaboration, the coalition’s purpose is to address the challenges faced by residents of Eastern Travis County as they seek needed health services. As more people move to communities such as Del Valle, Manor, and Colony Park, this need is becoming more acute.

Components of the plan include:

The following plans for the Central Del Valle region are underway as of November 1, 2017:

Del Valle Health Center
The Del Valle Health Center opened Nov. 20, 2017 as an interim health care solution for the community. A permanent health center is projected to open in 2020 on adjacent property next to the Travis County Employee Wellness Center. The plan includes a 5,600-square-foot site with the potential for multiple floors.

Possible health services include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Behavioral health
  • Eligibility services

Possible social services include:

  • WIC
  • Emergency assistance programs
  • Case management
  • Basic needs application assistance

Target Completion Date: 2020

> Read the press release announcing the opening of the Del Valle Health Center

Central Del Valle: Phase II
A permanent health clinic is planned to open in 2019 next to the existing Travis County Employee Wellness Clinic. In addition to medical services, the 5,600-square-foot site could include dental services, a pharmacy, behavioral health services, and a wide range of social services, such as emergency assistance programs, case management, and a senior nutrition program.

Additional Research and Planning
In mid-October Central Health hosted a series of facilitated conversations with community members to receive input on other regions in the Del Valle area. In addition, CommUnityCare has performed substantial data analysis of demographic and medical condition prevalence and incidence in the Del Valle area. This data points to multiple locations—including in South and North Del Valle—where health services should be considered. On Friday, Oct. 27, members of Central Health and CommUnityCare staff toured multiple sites with Rebecca Birch, President of the Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees, to identify potential locations for a clinic.

Based on community input from our facilitated conversations and further analysis of our data, Central Health may recommend additional locations for health services to the Board of Managers. Addressing the need for health services in Del Valle and other areas in the Eastern Crescent remains a top priority for Central Health. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this process.

Northeast Health Resource Center
Opening in early Feb. 2018 at Overton Elementary, the Northeast Health Resource Center will offer the following health and social services:

  • Eligibility and enrollment services for Central Health’s Medical Access Program (MAP), Medicaid, CHIP, and Healthy Texas Women’s Family Planning Program
  • Screening services for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Diabetes education for individuals with diabetes
  • Basic needs resources and application assistance

Location: Overton Elementary, Portable 7B, 7201 Colony Loop Dr.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 3:30 – 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Target Opening Date: February 12, 2018

Services will be offered by Central Health, City of Austin Public Health, and the Travis County Health & Human Services Department. We are thankful for the Austin Independent School District for allowing us use a portable classroom on the Overton Elementary School campus.

Turner-Roberts Recreation Center
Starting in early Feb. 2018, CommUnityCare Health Centers will expand their clinical service hours from once a month to once a week at the Turner-Roberts Recreation Center—also located at 7201 Colony Loop Dr. Services include:

  • Initial medical care
  • Acute care (short-term care)
  • Routine screenings for blood pressure and glucose
  • Ongoing chronic disease management
  • Vaccinations
  • Specialty care referrals

Location: Turner-Roberts Recreation Center, 7201 Colony Loop Dr.
Hours: Thursdays, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Colony Park – City of Austin Master Plan
Our collective long-term solution is to construct a health care facility as proposed in the City of Austin Master Plan for Colony Park. Central Health, CommUnityCare, Integral Care and the City of Austin have identified 10-acres of land for consideration on Loyola Lane between Johnny Morris Road and Decker Lane. The next phase of the project includes a search for a master developer.

Target Completion Date: 2020

Community First! Village
Mobile Loaves and Fishes has offered land on Hog Eye Road near the Community First! Village and assist with the construction of a health center that would offer services to residents of Northeast Travis County and residents of Community First! Village.

While the City of Austin completes its larger Master Plan Development, this facility will provide health services to the residents of Colony Park.

Target Completion Date: January 2019


Permanent Medical Clinic and Health Services in Garfield
Historically, the UT School of Nursing has served only children in school-based clinics in Del Valle. In 2017, Central Health created a contract for the UT School of Nursing to provide services to adults. In Oct. 2017, Travis County Fire Rescue agreed to provide land for a clinical site. Central Health met with the UT School of Nursing, Travis County Health and Human Services, and Travis County Fire Rescue and agreed on Fire Station #3 (4215 Caldwell Lane)—which has two acres of land available.

Location: 4215 Caldwell Lane
Target Completion Date: Summer 2018

Permanent Medical Clinic and Health Services in Southeast Travis County
Central Health and CommUnityCare are in ongoing discussions with Del Valle I.S.D. officials to determine the ideal location for a clinic to serve this community.  School officials indicated their preference is near Hornsby Bend.  Central Health is working with a real estate broker, City of Austin and Travis County to identify what land may be available.

Target Completion Date: 2020

Central Health is exploring options for upgrading or replacing the existing CommUnityCare clinic in Manor. This initiative is in the early planning stages.

Central Health will email regular news and updates as the Eastern Travis County Plan progresses. We also want to hear your thoughts and ideas on the plan. To receive email updates or to submit your comments please fill out and submit the form below.

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A local nonprofit health care collaborative founded by Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family.

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