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Central Health is transforming care for a healthier community.

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What We Do

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Central Health works through a network of health care partners and community members to connect uninsured, underinsured, and low-income residents with high-quality, cost-effective health care. We use local and federal funds to create access to and transform safety net health care services through:

By investing in these programs, Central Health is improving the safety-net healthcare system, economy, and overall standard of living in our community.

What We’ve Accomplished

In Fiscal Year 2014:

  • 96,600 individual patients were served, an 8 percent increase compared to fiscal year 2013
  • 352,132 primary care visits, a 4 percent increase compared to fiscal year 2013
  • A 54% increase in specialty care visits compared to fiscal year 2013, with 58,297 individual patients receiving a new program or service
  • A 9% decrease in MAP enrollee visits to the Emergency Room compared to fiscal year 2013, or 17,224 total visits