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2012 Election Information

On November 6, 2012, Travis County voters passed Proposition 1 that raised Central Health’s tax rate by 5 cents. These funds will help pay for a redesign of the healthcare delivery system in Travis County, and will allow for expansion of healthcare infrastructure and services that provide health care for uninsured residents of Travis County.

The additional revenue also enabled Central Health to create the Community Care Collaborative, a partnership with Seton Healthcare Family that is leading the transformation of our local safety-net healthcare system. It also allowed for a contract with the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin to pay for healthcare services delivered to patients in Central Health’s network of providers. The passage of the tax rate increase also put into action plans by the Seton Healthcare Family to fund and build a new teaching hospital to replace the aging University Medical Center Brackenridge that will serve the medical school and to continue to serve as the safety-net provider of services to low-income and uninsured residents of Central Texas and the only level one trauma center for an 11-county area.

Election Results

Official Election Results for the Nov. 6, 2012 elections from the Travis County Clerk’s Office

Proposition 1 Total  Vote

  • For – 186,128 / 54.67%
  • Against – 154,308 / 45.33%

The Ballot Language

Approving the ad valorem tax rate of $0.129 per $100 valuation in Central Health, also known as the Travis County Healthcare District, for the 2013 tax year, a rate that exceeds the district’s rollback tax rate.  The proposed ad valorem tax rate exceeds the ad valorem tax rate most recently adopted by the district by $0.05 per $100 valuation; funds will be used for improved healthcare in Travis County, including support for a new medical school consistent with the mission of Central Health, a site for a new teaching hospital, trauma services, specialty medicine such as cancer care, community-wide health clinics, training for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, primary care, behavioral and mental health care, prevention and wellness programs, and/or to obtain federal matching funds for healthcare services.

Questions regarding election process and procedures, voter registration, or other related issues should be directed to the Travis County Clerk’s Office.

SPAC Filings

Specific Purpose Action Committee (SPAC) is a group of persons organized for the purpose of accepting contributions and making expenditures in connection with a specific candidate(s) or ballot measure(s) named in its organizational statement.

A SPAC generally files its documents with the governmental body that conducts the election. Filings received by Central Health are listed alphabetically below.

SPAC Filings

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