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About the Council

The Central Health Equity Policy Council (CHEP Council) launched in September 2015 and includes members from over 70 community partners.

The Council includes policy, data, and community experts that are passionate to health issues concerning our community. All members have received training on evidence-based best practices and innovative policies from local, state and national experts.

The Council provides recommendations for local chronic disease prevention policies inside the geographic boundaries of Travis County, Texas. The Council population of concern is residents of Travis County at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.


Wellness for all through health equity in our community.


Identify and advance effective health equity and wellness policies for Travis County residents.

CHEP Council One-Pager

Member Expectations

  • Be committed to the vision and mission of the Council
  • Bring evidence-based, best practice information back to the Council for planning and decision-making
  • Serve as an effective liaison between your agency and key stakeholders and the Council
  • Commitment to work in the public interest using your expertise to create health equity in Travis County

Member Commitment

  • Attend annual Council at Large meeting
  • Inform the annual policy agenda
  • Participate in ad hoc committee upon request (this may require a monthly meeting commitment during a policy initiative
  • Contribute personal and/or professional time upon request and according to availability

For more information, contact Megan Cermak at Megan.Cermak@centralhealth or 512.978.8172