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Psychiatric Services Stakeholder Committee

The Psychiatric Services Stakeholder Committee (PSS) is a forum for key mental health stakeholders to come together to strengthen the local mental health crisis system, with a focus on unfunded populations. The role of the PSS is to:

  • Implement policy changes to support improved system functioning and enhanced continuum of care.
  • Leverage funding across all systems to increase capacity within the continuum.
  • Take action on recommendations from behavioral health stakeholder groups.


In 2005, Central Health, in its role as a convener, formed the Psychiatric Services Stakeholders Committee (PSS) to address a critical need to provide more community access to inpatient psychiatric services. Members developed a collaborative plan to provide relief to emergency departments and increase inpatient psychiatric services. Over time, the PSS Committee work has expanded in scope to provide leadership to support further development and implementation of an integrated behavioral system for mental health and substance abuse disorder services. For example, the PSS has helped craft solutions to the lack of inpatient beds and crisis mental health services in the community by securing commitments from members to: purchase additional inpatient beds, offer a mobile crisis outreach team, extend hours at Integral Care’s Emergency Services location, and devote housing funds to people with mental illness. The PSS has continued to support the development a full continuum of crisis services through Travis County 1115 Waiver projects and local investments. In 2013, PSS was expanded to include the justice system planning Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, permanent supportive housing partners and substance use disorder planning partners.

Role with Travis County behavioral health stakeholder groups

There are multiple planning groups in Travis County that work collaboratively to improve the local behavioral health system. The Crisis Services Implementation Committee (CIC) includes direct services providers and provides support to the PSS Committee to solve operational issues and identify policy and funding issues to be addressed. Other workgroups include the Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, as well as Kids Living Well, which oversees Children’s Mental Health Planning (See schematic).


Beginning in 2018, the PSS will be convened jointly by the CEO/President of Central Health and CEO of Integral Care.


Members include leadership from major service providers, consumer and advocate organizations, local governmental entities, foundations and local elected officials. The members of this committee have policy and funding decision making authority in their entity. Requests to add new members are approved by the CEO/President of Central Health and CEO of Integral Care.

Meeting Schedule

All meetings will take place from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm at various locations in the coming year starting June 18th, 2018.