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Last Updated On January 25, 2018
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Clinical Characteristics, FY 2016

Medical Access Program, Sliding Fee Scale and Seton Charity Care Patients (95,578)1

To identify patients whose care needs are particularly complex, the CCC combines similar diseases into chronic condition groups. Patients can have a diagnosis in more than one group, so numbers should not be added. Percentages do not add up to 100% because many patients do not have any diagnoses in a chronic condition group.
14,863 (or 15.6%) of patients have a diagnosis in two or more chronic condition segments.


The total number of cancers does not equal the number of patients with cancer because only the most frequent cancers are listed. Also, patients may be diagnosed with more than one kind of cancer.

1Source: CCC Annual Utilization Study FY2011 – 2016. Diagnoses shown on this page may have been in 2016 or any earlier years that the patient had a claim.