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Last Updated On December 05, 2018
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Medical Access and Sliding Fee Scale Programs*

Demographics Characteristics, CCC patients FY16, FY17
FY16 – 95,700; FY17 – 105,091**

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Source: VeritySource (Eligibility Database).
* This includes patients who have been enrolled in the Medical Assistance Program (MAP) administered by the CCC or Sliding Fee Scale (SFS) programs reimbursed by the CCC. Patients seen exclusively through the Seton Charity
Care (SCC) program are not included.
** Patients were deduplicated using a Patient Community ID (CID). CID Identifications are unique, site agnostic patient identifiers. They are assigned to all patients included in the eligibility database who are eligible for MAP or
Sliding Fee Scale services regardless of whether or not they present in a clinical setting.
*** A total of 9,854 patients were identified as homeless in FY2016 and 10,538 in FY2017.