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Last Updated On March 28, 2018
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Issue Sheet—Cancer Care

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In accordance with Central Health’s 2017-19 Strategic Plan, the healthcare district is working to define its role in the treatment and expansion of cancer care services for the low-income and uninsured residents of Travis County.

Cancer treatment requires a continuum of care that stretches from prevention and screening to diagnoses and treatment and afterwards to survivorship. Central Health and its affiliated partner, the Community Care Collaborative (CCC), will play active roles in ongoing cancer detection and treatment, as well as planning for future cancer care services.

Cancer services

The CCC’s current budget allocates $2.5 million for cancer services including:

  • Radiation services from Austin Cancer Center
  • Increased breast, lung and colon cancer screening and treatment
  • Treatment for other cancers


The CCC will organize its Oncology Committee in March 2018, comprised of local cancer experts. This committee will consider the most common cancers in our population and determine the most effective and efficient treatment methods.

  • The committee will determine treatment strategies after an evidence-based review of the available guidelines for those cancers.
  • Deviations from established treatment plans will require an appeals process to reduce variability in the way we treat people with cancer in this community.

Finally, Central Health and the CCC will continue to serve on the Cancer Care Planning group convened by the Dell Medical School’s Livestrong Institute. There is a planning document in development and Central Health has committed funds to support this work.