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Last Updated On April 12, 2018
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Issue Sheet – Fiscal Year 2017 Highlights

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Central Health is the public healthcare district serving the residents of Travis County.
Central Health’s core function is to ensure low-income and uninsured residents receive proper access to quality health care services. In 2017, as a direct result of Central Health funding:

  • 150,800 people received health care services (+7,800 year-over-year)
  • 75,737 people received screening and assistance for health coverage (+5,061 year-over-year)
  • 1,524 people received health insurance premium assistance (+682 year-over-year)

Central Health Enterprise Partner Highlights

The Community Care Collaborative (CCC) is a non-profit partnership formed in 2013 between Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family to better manage the care of their shared low-income and uninsured populations. In 2017 the CCC increased eligibility for the Medical Access Program (MAP).

CommUnityCare Health Centers is a separate but affiliated 501(c)(3) organization of Central Health that provides medical, dental, behavioral health and prescription services through Travis County’s largest network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

  • In 2017 CommUnityCare provided 279,738 medical encounters (+13,872 year-over-year).

Founded in 2011, Sendero Health Plans is the local nonprofit, community-based health maintenance organization (HMO) of Central Health designed to serve the unique needs of Central Texas residents.

  • In 2017 Sendero enrolled 54,383 people in Medicaid, CHIP and IdealCare insurance plans.

Other 2017 Highlights

As a steward of public funds, Central Health must balance fiscal responsibility with the growing need for health care services among Travis County’s low-income and uninsured
population. In 2017, budget highlights included:

  • The lowest tax rate among Travis County taxing entities and major Texas hospital districts
  • New budget priorities such as expansion of insurance subsidies, improvement of specialty care services and increasing MAP eligibility

Central Health’s Outreach Team connected thousands of residents to health care. In 2017, activities included:

  • Participating in 415 community events and leading ACA outreach efforts, including assisting more than 21,600 applicants

Communications Team efforts in 2017 focused on increasing public awareness of Central Health and its mission. This work featured:

  • Developing a public education campaign to increase understanding of Central Health’s role in Travis County’s health care safety net.

Health promotions support the health of Central Health’s patient population through health policy, wellness programs, and addressing social determinants of health. In 2017 this

  • Securing funding for free community programs at the Central Health Southeast Health & Wellness Center, including Zumba and healthy cooking classes.

Through its network of over 20 locations, CommUnityCare provides medical, dental, behavioral health and prescription services. In 2017, highlights include:

  • Creating additional capacity and faster treatment for patients by increasing non-physician interactions with nurses (105,000 visits), clinical pharmacists (almost 12,000 visits), and dieticians (almost 6,000 visits).

The Community Care Collaborative offers patients coordinated health care services across a spectrum of primary care, specialty care, behavioral health, hospital and social service providers. Its work in 2017 included:

  • Expanding the MAP provider network for urgent care and convenient care services by adding 20 new locations throughout Central Texas.

Sendero Health Plans is designed to serve the unique needs of Central Texans, including Central Health’s patient population. In 2017, Sendero:

  • Added 1,435 providers to its network, offering additional services in primary care, specialty and telemedicine.