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MAP Benefits

All services must come from MAP providers. Always show your MAP card when you check in for an appointment or want services.

Download the full MAP Enrollee Handbook (English or Spanish). It explains all of the benefits in more detail.

You will need pre-approval before you receive some services. If you already have an appointment scheduled to see a specialist (or need testing) please check with your Primary Care Provider (PCP). You need to make sure that the provider has approved the appointment or the test.

You do not need pre-approval for the following services:

Primary & Specialty Care

Urgent and Convenient care

Prescription drug services

Dental Service

You need pre-approval for the following services:

Hospital inpatient services

Outpatient services

Home health and supplies

Speciality dental services

You may call the Central Health Customer Service Call Center at 512-978-8130 to check if you need pre-approval for your visit.

The call center is open Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.