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Renew MAP

Welcome to the online renewal portal.

It is important to renew your MAP coverage before it expires. Look at your MAP card – the expiration date is on the right side (xx/xx/20xx).

If your card expires in less than 30 days Call Central Health Customer Service at 512-978-8130 to schedule an appointment to renew your MAP coverage.

If you received a letter from Central Health titled Attestation for MAP Renewal you can renew your MAP online if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your coverage will expire in less than 60 days, or
  • Your MAP expired less than 30 days ago

Complete your renewal online

Applicant Responsibilities

Understand and agree to report any changes in the information provided on your application or during your eligibility interview within 14 days of the change occurring.

Examples of changes that should be reported to Central Health include changes in:

  • Address
  • Income
  • Family size, including becoming pregnant
  • Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Eligibility for other health coverage such as Medicaid

If an unreported change is identified by Central Health, understand that your coverage may be terminated.

  • Medical Access Program (MAP) is available only when an enrollee receives care from those physicians and other providers that have an arrangement with MAP to provide health services.
  • If a MAP enrollee is treated by a physician, dentist, hospital or other provider not covered by MAP, the enrollee is responsible for paying for that care outside the MAP “network,” or system.
  • Similarly, if a MAP provider ends the relationship with a MAP enrollee when the enrollee does not abide by the medical (or dental) treatment plan, or for other valid reasons, and another MAP provider is not available, the patient is responsible for obtaining and paying for that care outside the MAP network.
  • In summary, MAP coverage is only available when treatment is rendered by a current MAP provider.
  • Authorization is required for release of eligibility information to pharmaceutical companies which audit MAP records for bulk pharmacy or prescription assistance program participation.