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Advocate for increased #Covid19 testing in light of the protests

Dear Board Members,

In light of the ongoing protest in this country and especially in our community, I would like our Board to advocate on behalf of our marginalized communities, especially our black and LatinX community members, for Austin Public Health to increase Covid-19 testing immediately in the respective communities where a majority of these populations live and/or can easily access. Many members of these communities have been participating in the protests these past few days for just, fair, equitable policies and treatment. I believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that further, cases, hospitalization and deaths from covid19 are reduced through increased testing in black and LatinX communities.

This pandemic is still in existence and anything we can do to make it easier on people who are justifiably upset and angry about the current state of racism in our nation should be undertaken. Racism is a recognized, ongoing public health issue, and, to the greatest extent we can, the Board must speak up and advocate on behalf of the disenfranchised for equitable access, policies and strategies to mitigate any further impact of this virus.



Board member,

Maram Museitif