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Central Health Board of Managers Appointment Process

One of the items on the Executive Committee meeting to be held on Wednesday, July 31st will be the Central Health Board of Managers (CHBOM) appointment process.
I have worked with Shannon Jones and Central Health staff to further develop the table outlining entities that CHBOM and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appoint members to.  The document is attached below.
1. With regard to those entities that receive funding from CH.  My recommendation is not to address this criterion when looking at those members that should develop a relationship with the CHBOM.  If communication is needed regarding funding or issues around funding, this communication should take place between the staff of the two entities.  Information that is critical for the CHBOM to know will be communicated to them by the CH CEO or his/her delegate.
2. Appointees to entities labeled (highlighted) #1 thru #6 should be asked to join us for an annual reception/meeting to discuss significant topics and encourage the development of a relationship between the CHBOM.  This would be approximately 8 individuals that are not a CHBOM or CH staff.
3.  The composition of the majority of the entities are made up of the Chief Executive Officers or his/her delegate(s).  I would recommend allowing the CEO to determine when he needs to attend a meeting personally or to request the presence of a board member based on the attendees.  Those entities that board members are appointed to attend will remain unchanged.
4.  Finally, I would recommend that the nomination process should consist of the following:
         a. Notify CHBOMs at least two months prior to the need to appoint or reappoint any of the members in entities #1 thru #6 (Entity #7 is either the Board Chair or his/her delegate).   This will allow any of the CHBOMs to nominate an individual that they have vetted and determined interest.
         b. Place the appointment item on the Regular Agenda of the BOM meeting.
         c. Outline in the item memo:
                i.    The process that was followed to recruit nominees;
                ii.   Information (resume) of the nominee to be appointed;
                iii. The reason that CH staff feel that this individual is the best individual to fill this vacant position.
If you have questions or suggestions for revisions, please send me an email or give me a call.

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