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Sendero UPDATE in July 15th Board of Managers Meeting.

I want to call your attention to a document that was in the packet of the July 15, 2020 Board meeting.   The information is attached below and I would ask that you review the memo and prepare for a future discussion.  The memorandum outlines an update of our (Sendero's) performance and the document that follows is our quarterly filings to the Texas Department of Insurance.  As outlined in the last section of the memorandum, we (Sendero) will be coming back to the Central Health Board of Managers for approval to enter into an opportunity that would provide Sendero with more financial stability and the initiative entails minimal to no risk.  We (Sendero) will be sharing the details with the Central Health Board in one of the August meetings.  The Sendero Board has provided their approval to go forward with this initiative based on our understanding of it and we encourage your review and approval.
I just wanted to call this to your attention so you will be prepared to hear the information to be presented at a meeting in August.
Charles E. Bell, M.D.
Vice-Chair, Central Health Board of Managers
Chair, Board of Directors, Sendero Health Plan
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