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CCC Branding & Logo

The Brand Mark

The Central Health logo includes both the organization symbol and the logotype of the name. The brand mark refers collectively to the various configurations of the logo, including the white space surrounding these elements. To maintain consistency across varied applications, only 2 configurations of the brand mark should be used.

Download a ZIP package of approved vector (.eps) andraster (.jpg and .png) versions of the CCC logo.








The Community Care Collaborative utilizes four primary colors:

1. Purple

  • RGB – R:90, G:51, B:83
  • CMYK – C:83, M:100, Y:69, K:0
  • Web – #5a3353

2. Blue

  • RGB – R:0, G:51, B:161
  • CMYK – C:100, M:84, Y:12, K:3
  • Web – #0033a1

3. Orange

  • RGB – R:223, G:111, B:29
  • CMYK – C:0, M:65, Y:100, K:9
  • Web – #df6f1d

4. Gray

  • RGB – R:109, G:110, B:113
  • CMYK – C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:70
  • Web – #6d6e71

NOTE: A fifth color emerges in the area where the purple and blue “C” elements overlap.

5. Dark Blue (blue/purple overlap in logo)

  • RGB – R:0, G:45, B:116
  • CMYK C:100, M:87, Y:27, K:19
  • Web – #002d74