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Announcing the premiere of Central Health Stories

Announcing the premiere of Central Health Stories

Ensuring all Travis County residents have access to health care is a 24/7 effort that occurs not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in homeless shelters and bridge underpasses, on street corners, at churches, on campus, and in jail-the issues alluded to in our April 3 Austin American-Statesman editorial.

To help bring these stories to light, Central Health is proud to announce Central Health Stories, a new podcast series.

Each of the series’ four premiere episodes features a dramatic, heartfelt story about real people in Travis County, and the challenges health care providers face while helping these individuals to get well and stay healthy.

The podcasts are free and available at www.centralhealthstories.org or by subscription through iTunes, Stitcher, and soon Google Play. Direct links to Central Health Stories’ homes on iTunes and Stitcher are provided below.

Central Health Stories will transport listeners into the lives of neighbors you didn’t know you had. You will learn about the new and cutting-edge programs and treatments that are helping thousands of people in our community, from the remote homeless camps in the rural outskirts of Austin, to our congested downtown, to neighborhoods and schools.

In each episode, you’ll also hear from Dr. Mark Hernandez, Chief Medical Officer of the Community Care Collaborative. Dr. Hernandez will offer his unique insights to the population health challenges that face the 11th largest metropolitan area in the United States. In many cases, you’ll find that what health care providers are doing right here in Travis County is being studied-and in many cases adopted-by clinicians and administrators across the country.

At their core, Central Health Stories won’t be about policies and bureaucracies-they will be about the lives of your friends and your neighbors. They will be about you.

Visit the series website at CentralHealthStories.org