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To learn more about the Medical Access Program (MAP) and MAP Basic and to see what documents are required with your application, keep reading.

What is MAP and MAP Basic?

If you live in Travis County and are uninsured, we can help you get access to local doctors, specialists, and pharmacies through our Medical Access Program (MAP), MAP Basic, or through one of our healthcare partners on a sliding fee scale.

Medical Access Program (MAP)

Central Health’s Medical Access Program (MAP) is a health coverage program for uninsured Travis County residents with low income. With MAP you and your eligible family members can see a doctor, a dentist, and get medicine.

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MAP Basic

If you are not eligible for MAP you may be eligible for MAP Basic, which provides access to a doctor, dentist and medicines, but has a more limited level of services.

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MAP and MAP Basic are not federal programs.

All uninsured Travis County residents are encouraged to apply, regardless of their U.S. residency status.

Enrolling in MAP or MAP BASIC will not impact your path to a green card.

Are You Eligible for MAP or MAP Basic

MAP and MAP Basic eligibility is based on the income you received in the last 30 days. Uninsured Travis County residents with income at or below 200%  of the Federal Poverty Level qualify for MAP or MAP Basic if they meet all other eligibility criteria. See the table below.

To apply over the phone or in-person, call 512-978-8130 to start the application process.

You can download and print the application, fill it out, and mail it with your supporting documents to:
Medical Access Program, PO BOX 300489, Austin, TX 78703.

Click English or Spanish for your choice of application language.

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If I Don't Qualify for MAP, What Other Options Do I Have?

If you are not eligible for MAP or MAP Basic, don’t worry. There are various resources that can help you access local, state, and federal health coverage programs.

Visit our Other Programs & Resources page for links to sliding fee scale clinics in Travis County, State, Federal and County programs, and additional resources.

Want to speak to someone instead? To receive personal assistance, call 2-1-1 if you’re in Travis County, or 1-877-541-7905 for other areas.

Other Programs & Resources

Still Have Questions?

Call us at 512-978-8130 or fill out the form below to get in touch with a MAP eligibility specialist.