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Mental Health Care for MAP Members

Take care of your mental health

Central Health offers behavioral health services to support your overall well-being. Speak with your doctor about getting a referral to access counseling, therapy, and other mental health resources. Your mental health matters.

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What is Central Health?

Central Health, Travis County’s hospital district, is building a comprehensive, high-functioning healthcare system for residents with low income who need it most. The district’s Healthcare Equity Plan, adopted in early 2022, is guiding up to $700 million in investments to close the gaps that persist throughout the safety-net healthcare system – in primary care, specialty care, dental and behavioral health, hospital-based care, and post-acute transitions of care.

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The Medical Access Program (MAP)

The Medical Access Program (MAP) by Central Health is a local health coverage program that covers primary care, prescriptions, specialty care, and hospital care. MAP helps people get the healthcare they need.

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Recent News

Dr. Pat Lee

Building Trust and Health Equity One Brick at a Time: My First 100 Days as President & CEO of Central Health

By Dr. Pat Lee, President & CEO As I reflect on my first 100 days as President & CEO of Central Health, one word comes to mind: trust. In a healthcare landscape that often feels like "grabbing bricks out of the air and building a house in the middle of…

Central Health’s Commitment To Quality Whole-Person Care For All Won’t Be Disrupted By Lawsuit, Leaders Say

Judge rules for hospital district in suit over Dell Medical School funding AUSTIN – On Tuesday, May 21, District Judge Amy Clark Meachum ruled in favor of Central Health, Travis County’s hospital district, in the Birch lawsuit. The plaintiffs, represented by attorney Fred Lewis, seek to overturn the will of…

Central Health, CommUnityCare, Sendero Launch New Brands for System

Central Health, CommUnityCare Health Centers, and Sendero Health Plans - collectively known as the Central Health system - unveiled their unified brands, as the Travis County hospital district celebrates its 20th anniversary. The rebranding initiative aims to better reflect the three organizations' shared history, mission, and commitment to expanding equitable…