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Brackenridge Campus Placemaking Workshop

Brackenridge Campus Placemaking Workshop

What will the Central Health Brackenridge Campus become? What features and services will there be? How can this one development benefit our ethnically, culturally and socio-economically diverse community?

These are the big questions we’re answering as the plan to develop the 14-acre campus takes shape. Thanks to the incredible input from a group of about 55 community members who participated in the Placemaking Workshop on June 6, we now have more invaluable information to drive the project, with a special focus on the proposed public market.

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The participants were split into 12 groups and provided tours of the campus, then asked by facilitators to rate the locations according to four categories: comfort and image, access and linkages, uses and activities and sociability—guided by discussion around ‘what makes a great place’ (see image on the left). After a facilitated work session each group reported back, focusing on their favorite things about the area, ideas for the possible uses and activities, and partners who could help incorporate improvements that would help specific communities in the area.

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Facilitated by our long-term partner Partnership for Public Spaces (PPS)—an internationally recognized nonprofit planning and design organization—the workshop gave participants the opportunity to tour the Brackenridge Campus, see the existing landscaping and features and brainstorm the future development. The session ended with each of the 12 groups giving their best thoughts and ideas on existing features that should be kept, features that should be added and partners who should be engaged to ensure success.

Building from ideas and concepts originating in the Brackenridge Campus Master Plan—the foundational plan for the entire project—the public market is envisioned as the centerpiece of the entire development project. The market could potentially be home to any number of goods and services, all with a strong emphasis on health and wellness. Some suggested uses include a farmers market, fitness, public art and live music.

The community has been an integral and essential partner since the inception of the Brackenridge Campus development project. Over the past two years Central Health has hosted several community events, solicited ideas and opinions from more than 8,000 individuals, and has continued to involve our valued community partners in every step of the process.

We expect to announce the master developer for the demolition of the old hospital facilities and the beginning of construction on the new buildings and facilities by the end of 2018. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates, and visit CentralHealthCampus.net for more on the history of the campus and the development project.

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