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Commissioners Approve FY14 Budget

The Travis County Commissioners Court today voted on separate measures to approve Central Health’s fiscal year 2014 budget and tax rate. According to the State Health and Safety Code Chapter 281.091, the County Commissioners must give final approval to both. The Central Health Board of Managers voted to approve the budget on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

The fiscal year 2014 budget signifies a fundamental transformation of the local health care delivery system. The creation of the Community Care Collaborative (CCC) earlier this year, investment in the new Dell medical school and teaching hospital, and participation in the Texas Health Care Transformation and Quality Improvement Program, also known as the 1115 Waiver, represent a vastly improved way of providing access to health care for those who need it most. The FY14 budget was developed using a new strategic plan as a framework for these integrated projects.

The cornerstone of the FY14 budget is Central Health’s new tax rate. In November of last year, Travis County voters approved Proposition 1, increasing Central Health’s tax rate to 12.9 cents per $100 of property valuation. These funds will provide for greatly expanded health care objectives in the coming year. The voters effectively set the new rate by way of the election.

Accounting for anticipated revenue as a result of the new tax rate, the total budget for FY14 is $219.8 million. A major component of FY14 health care expenditures is the budget for the new Community Care Collaborative (CCC). The CCC, a new nonprofit health care organization created by Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family earlier this year, will manage and fund the majority of the contracts with providers who provide direct care to the eligible residents of Travis County. The CCC will also utilize the funding derived from the new tax rate in order to maximize federal matching funds available under the 1115 Waiver through 14 delivery system reform incentive payment (DSRIP) projects. Although the CCC maintains its own board of directors that developed and approved its annual budget, the Central Health Board of Managers must give final approval to that budget.

“Central Health’s fiscal year 2014 budget furthers the board and organizational commitment to the vision of making Central Texas a model health community. This budget represents a new and better way of providing access to health care in Travis County, which is exactly what was promised to the voters when we were created in 2004, and again when they trusted us with Proposition 1 last fall. We’re all pleased the Travis County Commissioners gave their final budget approval today, as we continue the efforts to create access to health care for those who need it most when the new fiscal year begins on October first,” Central Health Board of Managers Vice Chairperson Brenda Coleman-Beattie said.

For more information on the CCC, the 1115 Waiver, or Central Health’s new strategic plan, visit www.centralhealth.net.