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Curing Hepatitis C and Expanding Gastroenterology

In Travis County, 500 patients have been cured of Hepatitis C, thanks to the Community Care Collaborative, Central Health’s partnership with Seton Healthcare Family.

To date, with work funded through the 1115 Waiver and performed at CommUnityCare, we have achieved a 90% cure rate for those who completed the treatment.

Focus areas are general gastroenterology care and gastroenterology care for chronic liver disease, specifically Hepatitis C. Patients now have access to general GI services offered at two locations, North Central and SEHWC.

Since 2013, we’ve provided over 12,500 patient visits, an average of about 4,200 visits per fiscal year. That is an increase of more than 2,800 visits from the 2011 baseline of 1,343 visits.

The Gastroenterology Expansion project increased access to gastroenterology (GI) services to patients by contracting with and/or hiring additional GI physicians and mid-levels, along with related support staff to serve within the CCC’s constellation of community-based primary care settings.

Learn more about CCC’s earlier efforts in this short video.

Take 20 minutes to meet Mr. Dalton Duffie, a leader in our community, who was cured. The 20 minute podcast chronicles parts of his life – experiencing tragedy, experiencing homelessness, living with chronic illness, treatment, cure and beyond.

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