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Brackenridge Campus at EcoDistricts Incubator

ecodistricts copyWe’re pleased and excited to announce that the Central Health Brackenridge Campus was selected as one of 12 projects to be included in the EcoDistricts Incubator from May 18-20.

To achieve Central Health’s vision of transforming Central Texas into a model healthy community, we need the best planning tools, close collaboration with our partners, and access to a national network engaged in urban regeneration.  Participation in the EcoDistricts Incubator will help achieve important goals for the Central Health Brackenridge Campus. It will advance our efforts to provide access to health care to those who need it most, moving Travis County toward a model healthy community. It will also promote uses and programs at the Brackenridge Campus that support our short and long-term fiscal stability, promote economic equity and deliver returns for the residents and taxpayers of Travis County.

The EcoDistricts Incubator is a three-day intensive, project-based workshop designed to accelerate district-scale sustainability across North America, and will provide advanced training to help teams advance their clearly defined urban sustainability projects. EcoDistricts brings together neighborhood stakeholders, property developers, utilities and municipalities with the goal of achieving outcomes including improved environmental performance, deployment of emerging technologies, improved community participation, new patterns of behavior, economic development for local businesses, and job creation. This approach is a new model of public-private partnership that emphasizes innovation and deployment of district-scale best practices to create the neighborhoods of the future – resilient, vibrant, resource efficient and just. EcoDistricts was integral to Austin’s Seaholm District project and maintains a national reputation as a leader in helping district-scale projects transform cities.  

President & CEO Patricia A. Young Brown is leading Central Health’s delegation at the three-day incubator.  Joining her from Central Health are Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development Sarah Malm and Senior Director of Communications Monica Crowley. Also joining the delegation are McCann Adams Studio Principal & Chief Executive Officer Jana McCann, City of Austin Chief Service Officer Sly Majid, Waller Creek Conservancy Chief Executive Officer Peter Mullan, and Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority President & Chief Executive Officer Linda Watson. 

We invite you to learn more about EcoDistricts and the upcoming incubator by visiting ecodistricts.org/incubator

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