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Central Health Board of Managers Officers for 2015

The Central Health Board of Managers has approved its slate of officers for the 2015 calendar year. Serving will be:

  • Chairperson Katrina Daniel. The City of Austin appointed Ms. Daniel to the board in 2009. She served as treasurer in 2013.
  • Vice-Chairperson Lynne Hudson. The City of Austin appointed Ms. Hudson to the board in 2011. She served as Secretary in 2014.
  • Treasurer Rosie Mendoza. The City of Austin appointed Ms. Mendoza to the board in 2005. She most recently served as a board officer as Chairperson in 2013.
  • Secretary William “Kirk” Kuykendall. The City of Austin and Travis County Commissioners Court appointed Mr. Kuykendall to the board in 2013.

The Austin City Council also reappointed Daniel this week to a new four-year term, also beginning on Jan. 1, at their final meeting of 2014.

“I’m truly grateful to the Austin City Council for the opportunity to again serve on this Board of Managers, and also to the other board members for the opportunity to serve as chair for the coming year. We have so many substantial projects underway as well as a great deal of transformative work slated for the months to come, so I’m fully aware of the responsibility being placed on the shoulders of the entire board. We’ve made so much progress over the past decade and I can only promise that as the board chairperson for 2015, and a board member for the next four years, that we will strive to continue achieving success through innovation, transformation, and collaboration,” Ms. Daniel said.

Ms. Daniel is a registered nurse and is the Associate Commissioner for Life, Accident, and Health Section at the Texas Department of Insurance. She oversees the regulation of a wide range of life, annuity, and accident and health insurance products and is completing a Master’s in Public Health from The University of Texas School of Public Health. Ms. Daniel also has a history of volunteer and community service with organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Austin Neighborhoods Council, the Highland Neighborhood Association and the Residential Design and Compatibility Commission.

For more about the Board of Managers, visit www.centralhealth.net/leadership.html.

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