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Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed in October 2012 challenging the validity of Proposition One. The Honorable Lee Yeakel on Thursday, January 31 signed and entered a Final Judgment dismissing the claims by a political action committee and three individuals that Proposition One violated several federal and state laws.

In November of last year, Judge Yeakel denied the plaintiffs a requested preliminary injunction against Proposition One, noting that the plaintiffs had failed to establish they were likely to prevail on their claims.

Thursday’s order reserves Central Health’s option to present a claim for its attorney’s fees. Whether to present that claim is under consideration.
Proposition One is the tax ratification measure which Travis County voters approved last November 6 by a 55-45 percent margin. It authorizes additional property taxes for the purpose of providing expanded healthcare services, including support for a new medical school and teaching hospital.

Beyond the ongoing development of the medical school and teaching hospital, Central Health is moving forward with implementation of the expanded healthcare services that Proposition One enables it to provide.