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Central Health Board of Managers Meetings to be Held Via Teleconference

The Central Health Board of Managers will modify its meeting schedule and practices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To reduce the possibility of infection as a result of in-person meetings, the board will meet via video/teleconference beginning with the Board of Managers meeting on Wednesday, March 25. This practice will continue for all future meetings until further notice.

Pursuant to an Emergency Executive Order issued March 16, 2020 by Governor Greg Abbott, government bodies in Texas are allowed to hold such video or teleconference meetings without any members present in a physical location.

As required by state law, notice of this and future meetings will be posted online at www.centralhealth.net/meetings as well as the Travis County Clerk’s website, which can be searched at www.tccsearch.org. The requirement for a physical posting has been waived through the Emergency Order.

Members of the public may access the meeting by dialing toll-free 888-501-0031. The Central Health website will contain instructions for members of the public to observe the meeting. The system will allow for two-way communication by members of the public, as required by established meeting rules.

The meeting can be joined using most computers and mobile devices, allowing for audio and video, or using any telephone (cellular or landline) to listen to audio only. A recording of the meeting will be made available to the public through the Central Health website as soon as possible following the conclusion of the meeting.