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Auditor Reports “No Findings” After Reviewing Central Health-related Dell Med School Financial Transactions

The Report on Agreed Upon Procedures with respect to the Affiliation Agreement between Central Health, The University of Texas at Austin, and the Community Care Collaborative was presented to the Central Health Board of Managers on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

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(AUSTIN, Texas) – On Wednesday, an independent certified public accounting firm issued a “no findings” report
after reviewing financial transactions of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas with respect to its
Affiliation Agreement with Central Health.

The Affiliation Agreement is the result of a voter-approved 2012 ballot proposition, which resulted in a 5-cent
property tax increase to fund a new medical school.

Central Health initiated the agreed-upon procedures engagement, performed by Travis County’s external audit firm
Atchley & Associates LLP, to issue a report of findings based on 11 specific financial areas, including:
• Financial reporting processes
• The University of Texas at Austin (the University) allocated costs related to Central Health-funded
• Review of payroll records to determine if costs comply within the Affiliation Agreement’s definition of
permitted investments
• Segregation of Central Health funds reported by the University
• Determination that unspent funds were appropriately reported and invested by the University, and income
from the investments was allocated back to Central Health funds

“This report is part of our larger approach to how we’ll manage this relationship going forward,” said Mike Geeslin,
president and CEO of Central Health. “Using sound business diligence, our goal is to ensure accountability to the

The agreed-upon procedures engagement began in July 2017. The report was presented by auditors from Atchley &
Associates Wednesday to the Central Health Board of Managers.

The Affiliation Agreement between The University of Texas at Austin (UT), Central Health, and the Community Care Collaborative (CCC) is the result of a multi-year collaboration with our health care partners and the community. The agreement among the three entities formalizes the relationship as well as the transfer of $35 million per year to support the Dell Medical School.

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