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Member Customer Service, Lost Card, and Changing PCP

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Member Customer Service, Lost Card, and Changing PCP

Member Customer Service

MAP and MAP BASIC Members needing assistance can call Central Health Customer Service. Customer Service can answer Member questions and assist with applying and renewing coverage.

  • Phone Number: 512-978-8130
  • Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Providers needing assistance refer to the Coverage and Benefits section of the Provider Handbook

Lost Card

Members needing a new MAP or MAP BASIC card can

  • Call Customer Service at 512-978-8130 to ask for a replace card to be mailed
  • Go in-person to a MAP Eligibility office and ask for a new card
    • Southeast Health and Wellness Center located at 2901 Montopolis Dr. Austin, TX 78741
    • Northeast Health resources Center located at 6711 Johnny Morros Rd. Austin, TX 78724

CommunityCare, Lone Star Circle of Care and People’s Community Clinic Eligibility Departments can print new MAP BASIC cards for their patients.

Changing a Members PCP

MAP and MAP BASIC Members may change their PCP when they renew their coverage. MAP and MAP BASIC Members can also change their PCP during their coverage period, up to once a month if they desire.

Members wanting to change their PCP during an active coverage period should call Customer Service Center at 512-978-8130.

PCP Changes must have Member consent. Provider offices can call Customer Service with the Member to request a change, but the Provider cannot request a change independent of the Member.

Providers contracted to provide services to MAP/MAP BASIC Members will be reimbursed for contracted services regardless of the Members assigned PCP.