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Surgical Oncology

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Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas
Seton Infusion Center
Surgical Oncology Referrals


  • To evaluate and treat patients who have findings suspicious for malignancy and are potential surgical candidates.

Appropriate patients for referral include:

Patients newly diagnosed or have imaging highly suspicious for the following:

  • Colon or rectal cancer
  • Gastric cancer
  • Extremity or retroperitoneal sarcoma
  • Melanoma
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver tumors
  • Thyroid cancer

DO NOT refer the following patients:

  • Findings NOT suggestive of malignancy and needing a general surgeon, please refer to Seton Surgical Group
    Phone: 512-324-7873
    Fax: 512-380-7503

Documentation required for scheduling all appointments:

  • Past Medical History (PMH)
  • Current medication list
  • Most recent progress note describing condition for which patient is being referred
  • All imaging related to mass/cancer
  • Endoscopy notes if done
  • Pathology report if newly diagnosed cancer

Additional Information Needed Below:

  • Liver Mass
    • MRI/CT showing mass
  • Soft Tissue Mass
    • MRI showing mass
  • Thyroid Nodule
    • Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) results
    • For thyroid nodule, send thyroid ultrasound

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