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Urology Oncology

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Ascension Seton Specialty Care Center
A department of ASMCA
Urology Oncology Criteria


  • To evaluate and treat patients who have been diagnosed with or treated for GU cancers (kidney, prostate, bladder, testicular, and penile).

Appropriate patients for referral include:

  • Newly diagnosed GU cancers
  • Recurrent GU cancers
  • Patients receiving treatment for GU cancers
  • Patients needing follow-up for previously treated GU cancers
  • Patients with imaging suspicious for GU cancer
  • Patients with a known diagnosis but being referred for an operation
  • Patients being referred for a second opinion

Documentation required for scheduling all appointments:

  • Current referral form
  • Patient demographics
  • Current medication list and comorbidities or problem list
  • Two most recent provider notes
  • Original pathology report confirming tissue diagnosis (if applicable)
  • Imaging including any discs if the imaging not readily available on our PACS
  • If recurrence suspected, send supporting documentation (radiology reports, biopsies, pathology)
  • If previously treated for cancer diagnosis, all urology/oncology notes and treatment records (chemotherapy flow sheets, operative notes, etc)
  • If referred for suspicion of cancer, all imaging & imaging reports documenting mass and any other relevant records from referring provider (office visit notes, etc.)
  • If referred by the 7th floor urology office (Drs. Wolf/Osterburg, PAs Brenda Chang/Rachel Dockray) then ok to approve as-is with whatever documentation is sent. Laviana will be able to access those patients’ records in Athena.

Additional information needed related to cancer (IF APPLICABLE)

  • Notes from all consultants (inpatient and outpatient)
  • All operative reports
  • Diagnostic procedure reports (endoscopy, bronchoscopy)
  • All radiology reports and actual imaging if not in our PACS


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